Van Ladder

Brinks Mfg. Co. purchased the manufacturing rights to produce the Van Ladder product in 1997 and has been on a relentless pursuit to provide innovative solutions in the aerial industry. Power Equipment Leasing partnered with Brinks Mfg. Co. in 2016 as one of their dealers for the Illinois, Indiana, and greater Chicago area. Power Equipment is a full-service distributor providing Van Ladder rentals, sales, parts, and inspections. You can request more information by contacting us at (815) 886-1776 or by sending an email through our website.

Our aerial ladders offer some key advantages over traditional aerial lifts.

  • 45′ work height on smaller chassis cabs = less up-front costs and can be driven with a standard driver’s license.
  • DC voltage aerial lift = can work without the truck running or even indoors
  • Superior material storage capacity with the Rockport Workport body; one key fob secures all doors and compartments for both the chassis and the body.
  • Minimal hydraulic components = no warm-up time in colder weather

The aerial ladders are a perfect fit for many industries

  • Sign Installation and Service Work
  • Lighting Retrofits and Maintenance
  • Building and Property Maintenance
  • Flag and Banner or Seasonal Decorating

Bucket Lifting Eye Attachment


Installed underneath the open-framed platform, rated for 300 lbs.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Holder


Aluminum attachment that holds a standard case of fluorescent bulbs. Easily installed on the open-framed platform. Must be removed while driving the vehicle.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Holder (Extension Boom)


Adjustable storage for different bulb lengths within the extensive book

Full Body Harness and Lanyard


OSHA and ANSI compliant fall protection.

Work Tray


Easily installed tool tray for hand tools, small materials, or additional work area. Dimensions are 26″ long x 6″ wide x 3″ deep.

Sign or Raceway Forks for Open-Style Bucket


Pinnable and adjustable sign forks for holding signage during installation/de-installation.

Strobe Lights


Set of two (2) amber LED Beacon strobes, SAE Class 1 rating by Federal Signal, installed on turret – activated with Van Ladder master switch.

Side-Mounted Tool Box


14 1/4″ long x 8″ wide x 6 1/2″ deep inside dimensions to hold fasteners and tools.

Overnight AC Charger


Dual bank battery charger for overnight charging of your Van Ladder batteries. Marine Grade charger can be plugged into an external outlet on the side of the body, charging the batteries with all compartments closed/secured.

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