Bucket Truck Rentals Chicago IL

Looking for an Bucket Truck Rental in the Chicago Land Area?VO-255-REV-Photo

Looking for a bucket truck rental from a company you can trust?  We have a large fleet of aerial lifts, bucket trucks, boom trucks, mobile cranes, digger derricks, utility equipment, cherry pickers, material handling bucket trucks, over-center bucket trucks, sign trucks, sign cranes, lighting trucks, telecommunications bucket trucks, electrical distribution bucket trucks, electrical transmission bucket trucks, forestry bucket trucks, chip trucks, bucket vans, squirt booms, pole trailers and reel trailers available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The working height of our units range from 34 to 153 feet and we have both insulated and non-insulated units. Our digger derricks have sheave heights up to 47 feet.  We have attractive rental rates and flexible rental-purchase options. We can help you determine which piece of equipment is best-suited for your requirements, all without the high-cost of ownership!

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